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Grace - Dogmatic Theology Course Vol 7 - Phole, Preuss

Grace - Dogmatic Theology Course Vol 7 - Phole, Preuss

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(Pronounced POH-lay PROY-s) The standard course of Dogmatic Theology used before the changes of Vatican II, an excellent and most commendable series of books covering all the basics and more of Catholic Dogmatic Theology, covering in total 14 different classes, in 14 volumes. 

His work has for us great apologetic value, for the compilation of sources that he attaches to the explanation of each dogma. Not only does he clearly state the details of each revealed truth, but he gives for it the proof from scripture, and tradition. An invaluable resource, and necessary training material for seminarians.

Msgr. Joseph Pohle (1852-1922) studied in Trier, Rome, and was ordained as a priest in 1878. He served as a professor in Baar, Switzerland, and at St. Joseph's College in Leeds, England. Later on he held the chair as professor of philosophy in Fulda from 1886 to 1889. In 1889, he moved to America to become one of the founders of the Catholic University. Pohle returned to Europe in 1894, teaching at Munster and then Breslau, where he served as professor of dogma, and wrote his Dogmatic Theology. He was also a frequent contributor to the Catholic Encyclopedia, writing 21 articles for it.

These volumes were written by Msgr. Joseph Pohle, and edited by Arthur Preuss.

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