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Cosmology - Philosophy Course by Paul J. Glenn

Cosmology - Philosophy Course by Paul J. Glenn

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The Philosophy course that was used in Seminaries before Vatican II came along, arguably the best series of undergraduate philosophy textbooks ever written, a collection of 12 books, forming the full course of preliminary studies, to provide a solid foundation to the study of Theology.  

Monsignor Glenn was a staunch defender of the Catholic Faith. He occupied the Cathedra of teacher at St. Charles Preparatory School and Seminary, and served as the rector and principal from 1945-1957.

His solid, clear, and well organized course, follows closely St. Thomas Aquinas, (his most popular book is indeed the “Tour of the Summa”; thus becoming a safe source for all those who wish to further enlighten their understanding against the sophisms and fallacies of the decadent media of our day.

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